Nova 3 Labs Samples of Max Sleep, Max Perform, or Max Capacity

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Are you serious about your fitness goals? We hope so, because Nova 3 Labs wants to help you with those goals. The folks there are experts when it comes to nutrition and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only do they offer coaching, they also have a line of supplements. If you’re new to Nova 3, don’t worry, they’ll let you try some of their products for free.

You can choose from Max Sleep, Max Perform, or Max Capacity for your free sample. Max Perform is available in either a grape flavor or as a coffee creamer.

Max Sleep is intended for performance recovery and general well-being. It’s supposed to shorten how long it takes you to fall asleep and improve overall sleep quality and muscle recovery. Max Perform is a pre-workout formula designed reduce fatigue and, as the name suggests, maximize your performance. It, too, should help reduce muscle soreness. Max Capacity is also a pre-workout supplement. It’s made to both raise your lactate threshold and enhance mental focus as well.

To choose your free sample, simply visit Nova 3 Labs’ Free Samples webpage and fill out the request form.

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