About Us

It’s amazing that more people don’t know about samples. It’s like the best kept secret in the world. People walk around and have no idea that companies give away samples of their products every day. And what’s worse, is that people actually PAY for these products every day, even when the companies that sell them are giving them away online!

That’s where the Samples Factory comes in. We find the samples that companies are giving away, and we share that information with our loyal audience. Then you can try all of these wonderful products without paying a single penny. Sound too good to be true? Well you better start believing, baby!

I mean, let’s face it, everyone loves to get samples. Samples Factory loves sharing these samples with our audience. It’s what makes us get out of bed in the morning. It’s what fuels our love for live throughout the day. Samples are the music that makes our lives worth living! (okay, that last part was a little too much. But you get the idea!) That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to find all the best samples and giveaways across the internet so we can bring them directly to you.

So, thank you for being a fan of The Sample Factory. Our passion for samples is your gain!

-The Samples Factory Team